Joyful Awakening

A therapist, social worker, spark-finder and change-maker, I am a lifetime student and practitioner of transformative wellness, deeply committed to supporting myself and others on the many winding paths of personal, community and environmental healing.

My practice offerings include wellness-centered therapy, resiliency coaching, justice-centered clinical supervision and inclusive movement and mindfulness coaching. I strive to bring liberatory healing more fully into the world through my healing practice.

I draw from holistic wellness modalities including presence-based conversation, meditation, mindfulness, body-positive movement and wholehearted living and being.

My work is embodied. I don’t simply talk about change, I work with you to manifest change in your body/mind/spirit/heart. I am fundamentally committed to honoring your intuitive expertise in your own healing process.

My work is trauma-informed. As a lifetime student of trauma resiliency, I work from a whole-person framework, supporting folks in resiliently overcoming personal, cultural and intergenerational trauma.

My work is person-honoring. I celebrate the awesome spectrum of human diversity and am fiercely committed to creating a respectful and welcoming space for people of all genders, gender expressions, bodies, sizes, sexualities, races, cultures, abilities, income levels, spiritual traditions, and backgrounds. I am fat and body-positive, dedicated to bringing more body/self love into the world.  A fierce ally of the LGBTQI community, my work supports queer and trans* community resiliency. My office is wheelchair accessible by ramp, though the bathroom may not be fully accessible. I am welcoming of all.

My work is accessible. I believe quality health care is a right and offer some scholarship to folks who would otherwise not be able to access these services. I practice my belief of starting where the person is.