Joyful Awakening

A therapist, social worker, spark-finder and change-maker, I am a lifetime student and practitioner of transformative wellness, deeply committed to supporting myself and others on the many winding paths of personal, community and ecosystems healing.

My practice offerings include ❤️ resiliency coaching, ❤️ wellness-centered therapy, ❤️ trauma-aware movement and mindfulness coaching, ❤️ gender-affirming consults for transgender and gender awesome folks, ❤️ anti-racist mentorship & leadership coaching for white folks and ❤️ justice-centered clinical supervision for social workers. All of my offering are rooted in trauma-aware, anti-oppressive practices and I strive to bring liberatory healing more fully into the world through my practice.

My approach is rooted in anti-oppressive, anti-racist, open-hearted, somatic healing modalities. I have advanced training in trauma resiliency, embodied healing and interpersonal neurobiology. I practice at the intersection of oppression and trauma and am a life-time student of anti-oppressive social work and the magic and science of how healing happens.