Joyful Awakening

I celebrate the courageousness of folks who are seeking their best-life and honor that wellness and whole-heartedness means different things to different bodies. This diversity of lived experience is beautiful and I am committed to meeting folks at their starting place. I believe and practice that healing happens at the pace of the body and in relationship. I also believe, as adrienne maree brown says, that our pleasure is a measure of our liberation. In our work together, I strive to hold a generative container that welcomes and invites your healing, growth, liberation and transformation while supporting you in becoming your best, brightest self.

All of my offerings are rooted in trauma-aware, anti-oppressive practices. Some of the ways I support folks include ❤️ resiliency coaching, ❤️ gender-affirming consults, ❤️ justice-centered clinical supervision, ❤️ anti-racist mentorship for white folks and ❤️ home-based space clearing.