Embodiment ~ An Interview with Jamie Seraphina Capranos

A beautiful and inspiring offering and vision : an interview between the both-fabulous, skillful healers and teachers, Gerri Ravyn Stanfield and Jamie Seraphina Capranos.

gerri ravyn stanfield


I spoke with Jamie Seraphina Capranos, a friend and colleague in August of 2012 about the concept of embodiment in medicine. She practices as a homeopathic physician and a midwife on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia and travels throughout Canada and the US teaching herbalism courses to other practitioners.

GRS: Where do you personally see a hunger for the sacred the most?

JSC: I see that hunger in my medical practice. I work full time as a homeopath and midwife and a large percentage of my patients are between the ages of 45 to 65 years old. Patients come in because they are having a crisis. Something about their physicality gets them in the door and asking for help, but we spend most of our time dealing with what you and I might call their underlying soul crisis. Many people come to Salt Spring Island to escape the grind of…

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