at the root of giving back

inspiring, transforming, culture shifting. thank you.

rain crowe

Earlier this month I traveled to a beautiful meadow in southeastern Oregon, where I reconnected with old friends and made some new ones as well.  Some of those new friends were of the humyn-animal type, and some were the wild, edible roots called Yampah, Breadroot, and Camus.  These roots grow within the lands tended for ages by the Klamath Indian peoples.

There were, at the peak of the two week, DIY, culture creating focused camp, about thirty of us from all directions and walks of life.  Some folks brought their extensive experience and knowledge about ancestral skills, botany, and walking “the Hoop”.  I was coming as a person with group process, facilitating, and creative experience, but also as a baby, a first time root digger and with only minimal hands on experience of harvesting wild foods.  As I’d come to discover in spending more and more time with these folks…

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