Being Fabulously You!

Today, I am celebrating my inner quirks. In fact, I am celebrating all of our inner quirks! The many sparkly and just-us ways we show up in the world, those parts that make us uniquely us.

I am celebrating your very specific 2 shot, no foam, 160 degree soy milk espresso latte that is so uniquely you, the baristas all know your drink order before you order it.

I am celebrating the gazillion pictures you take of your cats or dogs or children. I agree! They ARE the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

I am celebrating the way you like to slow down your car to a bare forward motion just to avoid having to stop at the red light. (I do that too).

I am celebrating that you woke up in the morning, and did several yoga poses with your just-rolled-out-of-bed hair. Hooray!! You did it!!

I celebrate your shy smile, your kind-hearted nodding, the way you meet my gaze directly when you ask how I am today. Your tone makes me think that you mean it. Thank you.

I celebrate those parts of you that you feel are beautiful and those of you that maybe-more-often-than-you-would-like don’t want to be seen. Those are you too. They make up the fabulous chemistry of you being you, and today I am sharing my appreciation for all of those uniquely diverse parts.

Thank you for making the world more fabulous by being your just-as-you-are fabulous self.