Compassionate Practice for Radical Social Workers (9/12/15)

Social Work with an Activist Heart:
Compassionate Practice for Radical Social Workers

“Activism is the rent I pay for living on this planet.” -Alice Walker

bell hooks has said, ‘shame is a tool of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy because it produces trauma which often produces paralysis.’ I suspect many of us would agree. Moreover, as activists-healers and witnesses-to-the-unjust, we may see how and where this truth lives, intimately affecting the lives of oppressed people and communities, lurking in the structural foundation of institutionalized systems of care.

This is a call for radical social workers in clinical practice. How can we work in systems organized around clinical pathology, diagnosis and person labeling while using our privileges and positional power to honor folks’ lived experiences, contributing to personal and community wellness? What does anti-oppressive practice look and feel like in community social services agencies and what is the span of our influence in re-shaping how folks with high unmet needs can be better understood and experienced in the mental health system?

This workshop is a combination of embodied learning, skill-sharing, dreaming and calling-into-being. Drawing on the rooted wisdom of radical mental health, liberatory health, consciousness raising, anti-oppressive practice, sustainable critique, narrative approach, interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-informed care, change theory and nonviolent communication, we will diagnose the system!, remove our consent from oppressive practice, reinvigorate our justice core and find ways to co-create a culture of healing while challenging injustice and dismantling oppression.

When: Saturday Sept 12th, 2015 10am-4pm

Where: Portland TBD

Cost: $100 (a $50 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your space, some scholarship available)

open closer to the event. save the date!


Heather Horizon Greene is a queer, fat, joy-evoking seeker of connection, embodiment, justice and magic. A teacher self-love, culture shifting and identity claiming, she spins threads of healing through the tools of intentionality, sacred witnessing, liberatory wellness and radical transformation. A lifetime student of earth-centered healing and anti-oppressive practice, she works locally as a wellness-centered therapist and activist-healer. for more info.