New Practice Offering: Movement-Infused Therapy

My healing practice is rooted in a fierce belief that transformative healing is possible and accessible. I practice radical mental health and work with folks who want to figure out what radical wellness feels like and means in our own bodies.

Yoga and Movement-Infused Therapy is a body-positive, accessibility-honoring healing modality. This work weaves body-aware therapy with movement and mindfulness practices to tap into the deep wisdom of your body, supporting integrated healing. Through this work we co-create safe, accessible healing movement experiences at the pace of your body.

While this work is intuitively individualized based on the unique needs and wants of your body, some of our work together might include:

  • grounding – feeling present in our bodies
  • centering – coming back to center after stress, anxiety, anger, relapse, grief, pain
  • stretching – finding healthy ways to move our bodies
  • embodiment – following the paths to feeling alive and vibrant in our bodies
  • yoga – crafting a yoga practice that accessibly supports our whole selves
  • breathing – using the gift of breath to strengthen and re-set our nervous system
  • radical acceptance – radically accepting all parts of ourselves, exactly as we are
  • mindfulness – noticing and naming our truths, stories and needs
  • meditation – creating space and time for personal reflection and inner alchemy
  • connection – learning and doing what makes us feel healthy, alive, whole and vibrant
  • opening – listening to, and responding to, the wisdom of our hearts
  • activism – waking up our fabulous, queer, fat, trans*, nonconforming, diverse selves
  • healing – seeking the winding path of your personal healing journey
  • invoking – dreaming into being all the joyful ways we can feel alive, whole and well

Body-honoring, accessible movement is transformative medicine and all bodies, sizes, sexualities, queernesses, cultures, abilities, histories and backgrounds are welcome.

*A queer persyn myself, much of my work is with queer and trans* folks. Movement-Infused Therapy takes healing out of the binary to creatively envision and embody all the ways we can queer wellness!

*I am fat and body-positive, dedicated to bringing more body/self love into the world. This work supports the magic of taking up right-sized space in your fabulous body, just as it is!

*My comfort supporting folks with significant mobility, pain and/or ability needs is extremely high. Through this work we co-create safe, accessible healing movement experiences at the pace of your body.

*As a person with unearned white privilege, I am committed to undoing oppression, and approach this work with a rooted commitment to solidarity with people of color and indigenous peoples. I am dedicated to the work of anti-oppression, anti-racism, checking my white privilege and dismantling white supremacy.

*I strive to hold tremendous space for folks with a high experience of emotional pain and frequent activation. As a life-time student of trauma-informed care, my understanding of complex trauma, the impact of trauma on your body and nervous system, and most importantly how to heal complex trauma! is extensive. As a trauma worker, I will actively support you as you seek your own healing path and together we will work to find the many ways to support your body in finding balance and recovery.

The body is not an apology

$125/hour, this private work takes place in the Sage Center’s movement space.