Healing at the Pace of the Body

Job  Posting: Trauma Resiliency Group Therapist

Position: The Trauma Resiliency Group Therapist will co-facilitate a therapy group committed to embodied healing of trauma and addiction. Addiction  resiliency will be supported through the lens of harm reduction and trauma specific care. The intention of the group is to co-create a space for folks with continuing trauma and addiction experiences, healing at the pace of their body in a group that practices safety, trust, choice, consent and empowerment. Body-positive, accessible movement, breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation will be access points for embodied healing. Accessibility for folks of all abilities and mobilities is foundational.

Group will be held either weekly or every other week (on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday during the business day), with a requested time commitment of ~3 hours/week per group.

Queering Access: If you work for a community MH nonprofit and want to bring this into your agency, I am open to talking more.

Energy Exchange: Clinical supervision, practice mentorship and co-facilitation with an advanced practitioner and lifetime student of anti-oppressive practice, trauma informed care and embodied healing. Financially, the exchange could be volunteer (where the group is offered free of charge as community activism) or paid (likely based on sliding scale access). Please let me know if paid exchange is a deal-breaker for you.

Qualifications: Ideally you will be a radical social worker, though I am open to radical healers from other modalities and disciplines. Please have some understanding of (and passion for!) trauma-informed care, anti-oppressive, anti-racist and anti-ableist practice, harm reduction, social justice, queer/trans* wellness and embodied healing. Please have a regular personal embodiment  practice to draw from.

Application: Please read through my website (joyfulawakeningpractice.com) to get a sense of the alignment of our practice and wellness values. If you feel there is a strong goodness of fit, send a resume and cover letter addressing your healing framework, your relationship with trauma informed care and harm reduction, how you imagine consent-based embodiment might support trauma and addiction resiliency, and anything else you would like me to consider. Applications can be emailed to joyfulawakening@gmail.com and will be accepted until the position is filled.

About: This is a group offering within a small wellness practice dedicated to building skill and community around anti-oppressive, anti-racist, intentional social work practice while contributing to a culture of self-love, fat and body positivity, queer/trans* wellness, trauma and addiction resiliency, radical mental health and liberatory wellness. Co-facilitation and supervision is with Horizon Greene, LCSW.

Horizon is a queer, fat, joy-evoking seeker of connection, embodiment, justice and magic. A teacher of self-love, culture shifting and identity claiming, she spins threads of healing through the tools of intentionality, sacred witnessing, liberatory wellness and radical transformation. A lifetime student of trauma resiliency, earth-centered healing and anti-oppressive practice, she is dedicated to supporting herself and others in becoming their fullest, brightest selves. Horizon comes from a lineage of open-hearted-justice-weavers and has been a social worker for 14 years. joyfulawakeningpractice.com for more information.