on practicing love

There are such tremendous waves of cultural grief right now. It is especially hard in the face of tragedy and violence, that we are asked to show up as healers when there is a scarcity of time to pause, breathe and check in with our own body/mind/sprit/heart needs and tend our feelings real time. I hope we will all practice making space for this among each other. it is actually necessary and makes a positive difference in our social work and our justice work.

I also want to remind us what we already know: that as we are doing the uphill work of creating more space for trauma resiliency, we are a part of the system we are asking to change. Our needs and emotions matter. When we take care of ourselves and tend our needs, we are bringing healing into the spaces we take up (which is radical and transformative), we are practicing true trauma informed care and are embodying (and creating new neuropathways in the ecosystem) the culture we want to live and practice in. 

I want to say clearly that the visibility of the most recent public killings of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile is changing white consciousness, but that does not make these new, isolated, surprising incidents, nor does it make them more atrocious than any of the countless previous atrocities against the lives of people of color and indigenous folks.

My heart too is with the Police community in Dallas. I want so deeply for us to love and see each other in our beautifully diverse, shared humanity. All lives affect each other and are intimately interconnected, all bodies are sacred.

My wise friend and teacher Ruby says we should bring Earth into the room when we are witnessing grief. I am trying to practice that.

Sending love through the web.