Supervision and Practice Mentorship Services

“I think Horizon’s group prevented me from complete burn-out. Those first few years of direct service can be shocking. I was feeling cynical, unsupported and nearly ready to give up on the field. Horizon and the other group participants reminded me why I became a social worker, helped me prioritize self-care and offered tangible ideas for practicing justice-centered social work in an oppressive system.”  -MK

“Horizon always raises the bar for me to honor my authentic self while expanding my horizons.  She is a critical thinker that is skilled at gently helping you deconstruct social work dilemmas and examine your own barriers in a way that is accessible and nonjudgmental.”   -GM

“I cannot think of a single day that goes by in my practice where I do not use some kernel gained from the practice group. To give a specific example, last month’s group was SO immensely helpful to me in terms of the conversation about trauma, triggers and mindfulness practice. It opened a whole different approach up to me, which I am already actively incorporating into practice and program decisions.”  -MO

Therapy and Wellness Services

“Horizon’s wellness coaching has been a light in my life!  Her ability to explore my humanity with gentleness and authentic collaboration has been a grounding force in my continual healing.  The strengths based mindset she strongly adheres to never ceases to inspire, enliven, and encourage me. As a result, I am better able to view myself not as a broken vessel, but rather a shining human with imperfections yet capable of everlasting joy.” -MG

“Horizon is very intuitive and has an innate ability to connect to the inner person.  She takes the time to personalize her consulting to the individual.  Working with her has been extremely helpful to my recovery and wellbeing.  I highly recommend her!!” -MW

“I have found Horizon to be welcoming, intuitive, nurturing, as well as a crucial part of my journey. I believe she will make a difference in your wonderful self discovery too!” -BW

Gender Affirming Consults  

“Horizon was an excellent advocate for me in my gender transition. She was compassionate, thorough, and timely in getting me the documentation I needed for my top surgery. She is also well connected in the community and was able to refer me to other resources to meet my needs. Horizon is attentive and has excellent communication skills. I would highly recommend her as an ally to the Trans community” -JB

“I am a transman that has been on testosterone for over 14 years, but I still had my breasts and ovaries which were always a burden. Since laws and medical insurance companies are now covering the care for transfolk, my doctor referred me to a couple awesome doctors to complete my transition…I was given a list of names of counselors that worked with people in my situation, and Horizon Greene’s name was the one that immediately stood out…I met with Horizon at her office, and she was amazing. Horizon is very down-to-earth and really listens to you. She asks the right questions in order to write a beautiful letter. I felt that she truly cared about me, and I left her office smiling. The letter came about 2 weeks later, which may seem long, but after I read it, I understood why it took so long. She really listens during the session and it shows in the letter. Needless to say, I was approved for my surgeries that were completed last year. If you are looking for a counselor to help get your transition dreams come true, Horizon Greene is someone I recommend 110%” – MF

“Anyone who is privileged to be transgendered, knows that our lives are challenging, to say the least. Getting successfully approved for gender reassignment surgery is an even bigger challenge. The task of trying to find doctors and counselors who are willing to believe in, and help you, as well as the never ending nightmare of dealing with insurance, can be an extremely daunting, often lonely journey. I’m grateful for Horizon, and her taking the time help me with part of my journey. Her detailed, thoroughly written letter, helped cut through the my insurance companies thick red tape, and help me to get over some of the hurdles in my path.” – C 

Workshop Participants

“You created a welcoming space. Your commitment to inclusiveness really is foundational to this being experienced by the group.”

“Your facilitation is thoughtful and elegant. I loved the way you introduced sacred space and moved us through the day.”

“Graceful  in moving the group together in one direction.”