Seattle WA: 5600 Rainier Ave S #203, Seattle, WA 98118
Portland OR: 10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005

horizon greene (she/her), mac, licsw & lcsw
current clients, you can reschedule/book appointments with horizon here

Offering care across Oregon & Washington states

Energy Exchange w/ horizon
$200/session for ongoing therapy**
$200/session for post-licensure consultation
$300/hr for personalized EMDR intensive work (6 & 9 clinical hours)
$130/session for pre-licensure supervision (or matching your hourly rate if higher)
$130-$200 sliding scale (+ scholarship/no cost options) for gender affirming consults

**currently all sliding scale slots for ongoing therapy are full

Sheila Walker (she/they), licsw & lcsw

Offering care across Oregon & Washington states

Energy Exchange w/ Sheila
$125-$175, sliding scale for ongoing therapy. Scholarship available.
Contact directly for clinical supervision rates.

Cooper Stodden (they/them), LMFTA
Cooper sees children, youth, parents and families at Atlas Counseling Seattle.
They see adults for nature-based therapy here. Email horizon to connect.

Offering nature-based therapy in Seattle

Energy Exchange w/ Cooper
tbd/session for nature based therapy

For additional providers who offer gender affirming consults, I recommend these lists for Portland providers and Seattle providers. The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project is a resource for folx to find access to medical necessity letters without cost.

Community Care
We make regular contributions to real rent duwamish and to the national bail out.