Elements of Magic

Elements of Magic: Where Spirit and Justice Meet

co-held with Sage Cara

The world needs our magic, the creation of hands and hearts, of minds and wills. When the Elements combine, we enter the space between, where all things are possible, where all things can change.

πŸƒ Earth – We work for all forms of justice: environmental, social, political, racial, gender and economic.

🌬 Air – Our feminism includes a radical analysis of power, seeing all systems of oppression as interrelated, rooted in structures of domination and control.

πŸ”₯ Fire – Our community rituals are participatory and ecstatic, celebrating the cycles of the seasons and our lives, and raising energy for personal, collective and earth healing.

πŸ’§Water- Our practice arises from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing and to the linking of magic with political action.

πŸ•Έ Spirit – All living beings are worthy of respect. All are supported by the sacred elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. All Life is sacred.

In the Reclaiming Tradition of Magic, we connect deeply with the Elements and pledge ourselves to work for Justice.  As witches, we create and sustain communities and cultures that embody our values, that can help to heal the wounds of the earth and her peoples, and that can sustain us and nurture future generations. Guided by a vision of collective liberation, we re-member magical practices that restore and revitalize our personal and collective power, uncovering the places where spirit and justice meet.  With curiosity and open hearts we brave to answer: What is the justice of Air? Of Fire? Water? Earth? How do we embody those connections, that Spirit in our lives? What can we learn about justice from the Elements? Allied with the sacred Elements as our guides, we step solidly into the witches’ work of healing and justice.

In this weekend course, we will engage with the core of Reclaiming magical practice by deepening our experience of the five Elements, sensing and raising energy, trancework, visualization, chanting, spellcraft, co-creating and spending time in sacred space. Because this class shares Reclaiming culture and ritual style, teaches magic tools, and connects us with the most essential pieces of our magic and our world, the Elements, this is the foundational class for all other Reclaiming classes and is required as a prerequisite for many other Reclaiming classes, workshops and offerings.