Fat is the New Fabulous!

Celebrating Ourselves, Taking up Right-Sized Space

The world needs us to be uniquely ourselves. And (although the overculture might trick us into acting otherwise) like the many great activists of history and today we have the ability to shift the cultural narrative toward one of love, connection, celebration and radical acceptance. This starts at home, in our bodies, as we learn how to be our fullest, brightest, biggest selves, taking up right-sized space. The body is not an apology.

We come together—fat bodies of all stripes—to speak our truths, to see and be seen, to invite a culture of connection, to compost the stories that restrict, and amplify/make-more-room for those that empower and transform. Together we weave the spell of liberatory healing.

In this embodied work we draw from the lineage of earth-centered wisdom using meditation, mindfulness, storytelling, inspiration, song and voice, body-positive movement, dance, art, poetry and magic to awaken joy, truth and vitality inside ourselves and our worlds.

radical self love