Hearth of the Water Healers

Ecosystems Magic

co-held w/ Willow

Love, connection, presence, justice. Different names of the same magic. We, sacred ones, are made of earth, water, breath and stardust. There are 37.2 trillion cells in our humyn bodies, every single one of them sacred. Every. Single. One. There is none that exists in isolation. We are an ecosystem living within an ecosystem living within an ecosystem. This is the web of life. Breathe into it, feel it, pray to it, sing to it. Feel it sing to you. Isolation is a lie that feeds the overculture of greed and injustice. This is not a polite dismantling of illusion. This is deep, foundational, change-agent magic we are reclaiming.

We open our hearts to the Earth, its Waters, each other, ourselves. We taste the sweetness and the pain of that opening in a vessel of our own creation filled with empathy and compassion. We hold space for the voices of oppression among us and beyond our communities in our diverse world, seeing all such power-over systems as interrelated and inseparable. We ask the Great Mystery how to disentangle the web of injustice; to find the thread that will unravel the whole tapestry of hatred, bigotry and the illusion of separation. We listen. We pray. We imagine. We experiment. We blend science and magic together to open the way through the forces of love and interconnection.

This is a path of deep healing, exploration, motivation, and coming together in new unfolding ways. We will use tools of theatre, poetry, trance, devotion, music, and language to imagine and claim our place in this time. Join us in the magical laboratory of Witchcamp to experiment with new ritual technologies to aid others and ourselves in this era of the Great Turning and the magic of awakening to our interconnection.