Love in Practice

Movement Building Activism: Love in Practice
“Justice is what love looks like in public.” -Cornel West

The present moment is calling all of us to tap into the transformative power of love to fundamentally change this world.[1] We know that oppression happens when we are disconnected from each other and from the earth as we know that all oppressions are interconnected. We feel in our bones the many ways that this is traumatizing and catastrophic.  We know that trauma is a dis-ease of not being able to be present, whose healing is catalyzed by coming back into ourselves, into connection, into justice. And this we do by taking a deep breath, risking vulnerability, opening our hearts, removing consent from the oppressive overculture and changing our behavior. This we do by practicing love.

We are the lineage of justice-weavers, transformation-seekers, change-makers and activists. Our young QTPOC inspire us with teachings of how to be in relationship with each other and, radically, how to queer the binary. The earth reminds us of the sacredness of the wild while decades of non-relenting environmental degradation, war, and other humyn-made tragedies have shown us, over and over again, that our actions have consequences and that our liberation is bound up in each other’s. Those of us with unearned white privilege are still learning to recognize (let alone dismantle) the institutions of white supremacy and structural racism, whose very existence contributes to our continuing unearned privileges which in turn perpetuates inequality and harm. We are still learning to occupy hope, to call our dreams into being and to live as change agents. We have a LOT of work to do.

Join us in a revolutionary practice of embodied presence, where we reject the illusion of disconnection, co-creating new pathways of love, connection and resiliency. We call to those who are hungry to midwife hope, change, possibility and justice. We call to your passion, your vision, your queerness and your magic. We call to those who recognize the sacredness of love and are ready to claim it as activism.

[1] Movement Strategy Center, Love With Power: Practicing Transformation for Social Justice