Rewilding Sorrow

Now that I
That grief
Emotionally speaking
Is the same
As gold
I do not despair
That we are
All of us
Born to grieve.
-Alice Walker

Our beating hearts. Our first and final ritual, priestessing lifeforce through our veins. Our broken hearts. Cauldron of Life by whose fierceness we navigate the oceans of joy and despair. Our activist hearts. Visionary change-weavers whose powers kindle the fires of hope and transformation. This is the magic of authenticity, healing and presence.

In a world where many of us experience chronic exhaustion due to intergenerational and historical traumas, and are immersed in an overculture constantly inviting us to numb, disconnect, ignore, profit and consume, we have a primal, vital need for sacred spaces where we can be present in our grief. As we embody the sacred practices of taking up time and space to fully experience loss, we uncover the pathways that sustain and cultivate life. This magic is the prayer/song/spell whose effect voices truth and need so that we might return to living fully and in harmony within the Web of Life. Together we will challenge and transform how we are taught to hold grief in oppressive, white supremacist, normative overcultures, learning and re-learning to read our bodies, the earth, stars and Spirit.  As witches, storytellers, activists and healers we bravely unweave the hex of disconnection, moving away from shame and hopelessness toward love, connection, intimacy and resilience.

We grieve because we have loved. We grieve because we have known joy. We grieve so that we might live.

co-held with Alex