Rites of Passage

Dreaming at the Pace of the Earth (co-taught with rain crowe)

The Season of the growing is pulsing, flowing. Life longs from the depths of the world and from within yourself as ecstatic possibility. Are you ready to shed your skin, stretch your soul, widen your gaze & roam in your Desire? The Mysterious Ones are calling for a pollination of dreaming and daring; invoking us into a Living Spell. A spell which hearkens pleasure through the timeless tides, and of commitment in service of Life. What shall your unique artistry give unto that? What is your intention in the thinly-veiled time? What shall go into your journeying bag as you are roused and blooming?

In this Reclaiming core class, we explore the deep, playful power of intuition and story, nourishing priestessing* skills that support a life of justice, curiosity and magic. Courting the realms of dream, myth and trance, we seek to learn, reveal, and regenerate. Ecstatic, improvisational sound, rhythm and movement aligns our wills, gives sustenance to our intentions, and feeds the world. This container is a cauldron for your personal rite to be supported and witnessed.

In this season of growth, ancient truths of the cycling Earth, Moon and Sun remind us of the birthright wisdom of change within our own sacred cycling Bodies. We ask that participants have previously taken a Reclaiming Elements of Magic class.