The Heart of Holding Space

The Tools and Skills of Trauma Resiliency

The evolving world of neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology has much to teach us about the art and science of how healing happens. The evolving field of trauma informed care draws on this head-wisdom and skillfully roots it where healing happens: in the body!

This workshop in trauma resiliency bridges the wisdoms of science and folk medicine, offering a person-honoring lens through which to compassionately understand folks experiencing trauma, activation or extreme states while also offering concrete tools for how to effectively and ethically hold space for the wide range of human experiences seen in community and festivals alike. With awareness of the cumulative toll of vicarious trauma and the energy demand of deep witnessing, we will gain skill with tangible tools for supporting our own self care, as well as our ability to remain present and engaged in the vital work of community-based liberatory wellness.