Iron Pentacle

Iron Pentacle: Reclaiming Our Fullest Selves

Visualize yourself in right relationship with all parts of your body-mind-spirit-heart, for this is the teaching and offering of the Iron Pentacle.

In this core Reclaiming class, the Iron Pentacle points of: Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion inform the embodied wisdom that is our magical birthright.  The Iron in our blood sings in concert with the Iron at Earth’s core and the Iron of the stars!  A tool of justice and healing, working the energy of Iron Pentacle helps us to move away from numbness and overwhelm to align and connect more deeply with our fullest, brightest selves and the natural world.  In exploration of this magic, we will use the skills of trance, ritual, embodiment, empowerment, re-storying, music, play, sensing and shifting energy and radical transformation. Together, we will learn to balance the Iron Pentacle within ourselves and bring it more fully into our lives and world.

(co-taught with Dawn Isidora)