Iron Pentacle

Iron Pentacle. Remember who you are.


The magic of the Iron Pentacle helps us to move away from numbness and overwhelm to align and connect more deeply with our fullest, brightest selves and the natural world. 

Sex. Sex energy is the soul of nature that gives life to the universe. It is inherently queer and uniquely ours.

Pride. In our oppressive overculture, we are told to take up less space, to keep ourselves quiet and small. Right-sized pride rejects limitation, reminding us who we are and guiding us to shine.

Self. Self is our truest nature, who we are at the core of our being. Our connection to lifeforce feeds our core Self. 

Power. As witches, activists and culture shifters, we direct our will to create. Our power is the stength of our lifeforce.

Passion. All emotions are a part of our human experience. Free-flowing Passion reflects our capacity to feel, to be with.  Our access to caring directly informs our ability to connect.

For spiritual mentorship and guidance on running the Iron Pentacle within your own pentacle body, email horizon.