Lifelong Learning

I am a relational culture builder and ecosystems tender who practices at the intersection of oppression and trauma. I have dedicated my professional career to maintaining a justice-center within social service systems. From this location, I offer customized continuing education for wellness-seekers, social workers and social service agencies, using learning as a catalyst for collective transformation. The learning containers I hold support the deep work of personal and community resiliency.

Some of the many things I love teaching are:

*The intersection of trauma and oppression
*Trauma resiliency
*Anti-oppressive, Anti-racist practice
*Liberatory healing
*Interpersonal neurobiology (how healing happens!)
*Transformative wellness
*Caucus Affinity Groups for white-identified folks (to unlearn whiteness)
*Queering wellness & trans affirming care
*Body love/self love
*Personal and community storytelling
*Justice and ethics in practice
*NVC/compassionate communication
*Social work with an activist heart
*Intuitive/embodied leadership
*Art and embodiment in healing
*Tending the community ecosystem

I am committed to creating a respectful and welcoming  learning environment for folks* of all genders, gender expressions, bodies, sizes, queernesses, cultures, abilities, ages, resources, spiritual traditions, and backgrounds.

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