Elements of Magic

Elements of Magic: Weaving the Web of Mystery and Connection

Before there were airplanes, there was the smell of wildflowers on the cool spring breeze. Before there were light bulbs, there was molten lava, meandering powerfully through the realms, birthing itself into creation. Before there were such things as human-made dams, there were free-flowing, life-sustaining rivers, spreading themselves gloriously across the lands. Before there were forests old enough to have been grown, clear cut and grown again, there was the first seedling, sprouting up through soil, full of intention and possibility. Before there were spoken words, there was the heartbeat of life. Magic.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Spirit. These five sacred elements are the foundation of our world, our bodies, our wisdom and our magics.  In this 6 week Elements of Magic class, we will pursue a practice of curiosity, awareness and integrative learning. Each week, with the Elements as our guides, we will explore the art and contours of Reclaiming magic and ritual. Together we will cultivate the skills of: creating sacred space, trance work, embodied consciousness, sensing energy, directing life-force, empowerment, transformation and more.

(co-taught with Dawn Isidora and Kristen Rawson)