Liberation Tea

Liberation Tea and Anti-Oppressive Practice Skills Group

Are you a justice seeker who would like more tools, support, community, and mentorship in your anti-oppressive human service work?

Liberation Tea is a gathering for Portland-based social workers to meet in supportive community with the opportunity to learn, practice and develop skillfulness and fluency in justice-centered practice.

This ongoing community skills group offers the opportunity for folks to deepen their understanding of, and skill with, the tools of anti-oppressive human service work: sharpening ourselves as tools of justice, anti-oppressive language (using language to shift consciousness), intentional communication, radical theories and culturally diverse wisdom that brings justice to the center of our work, deconstructionism and consciousness raising, critical dialogue, activism, embodiment, power-with, justice-centered mentorship, peer supervision/allyship, self-reflection, an evolving understanding of justice, oppression and privilege (and our relationship with them)…and much more. Skillful use of these tools are some of the many ways for human service workers to actively co-create justice, challenge injustice and ultimately support the crucial, imperative work of transformation and liberation so deeply needed in our world.