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Tending the Community Temple: Elements of Community Magic
January 12th and 13th, Portland OR

“Our tradition honors the wild, and calls for service to the earth and the community.” In magical community, we bring our diversity, visions, intentions, words, actions, selves, souls and power-fullness to the collective. As co-holders of the beautiful, intersectional, feminist, anarchist, magical tradition that is Reclaiming Witchcraft, we birth the world we want to live in by changing our consciousness at will and breathing into being the living ecosystem that holds our collective magic: community.

Healing happens in relationship, between bodies, hearts, nervous systems and spirits. And, the struggle is real. Conflict is part of relationship, feelings are hurt, mistakes are made, egos are wounded, power is abused. Community is wonderfully queer and wholey non-binary: there is not a single story here.  Wonderful and terrible. Beautiful and messy. Brilliant and exacerbating. Powerful, transformative, co-created: community magic.

This community magic class is dedicated to bringing to life the spellwork outlined in our Reclaiming Principles of Unity: “to create and sustain communities and cultures that embody our values, that can help to heal the wounds of the earth and her peoples, and that can sustain us and nurture future generations.” This is a skills class, offering concrete pathways, tools and a collective language for how we make Reclaiming magic.

Who: We welcome folks 18 and older of all genders, all gender histories, all races, all ages and sexual orientations and all those differences of life situation, background, and ability that increase our diversity.
When: Saturday January 12th 10:00am-6:00pm & Sunday January 13th 10:00am-5:00pm.
Where: TBD Portland, OR
Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this core class. Please come make beautiful community with us so we can make community beautiful!
Cost: $125-325. We ask folks who are able to pay up on the scale in support of access for others. (Some financial is aid available. Please ask at registration).
Registration/Questions: Email dawn@dawnisidora.com to register. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for registration, which can be sent via paypal to the above address.  



Dawn Isidora is a spiritual counselor, instructor and writer. Her work is guided by the wisdom of the Elements and focuses on the workings of relationships, whether they be with oneself, others, or the Gods. Dawn has been teaching magic and earth spirituality, locally and internationally, since the mid nineties and has been involved with Reclaiming since 1983. For more info, go to: dawnisidora.com
horizon is a queer, fat, joy-evoking seeker of connection, embodiment, justice and magic. A culture builder and tender of the community ecosystem, horizon spins threads of healing through the tools of intentionality, sacred witnessing, liberatory wellness and radical transformation. A lifetime student of trauma resiliency, earth-centered healing and anti-oppressive practice, horizon comes from a lineage of open-hearted-justice-weavers and has been a social worker for 16 years. https://joyfulawakeningpractice.com

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And later in 2019…

❤️  tending the community ecosystem: open-hearted trauma resiliency for witches, social workers, activists and healers

It is my intention to offer this intensive as a 4 part series to a cohort of folks. If you’d like an email when registration opens, please let me know. I anticipate a work-trade slot for someone who is willing to assist with registration and social media promotion.

❤️  anti-racist supervision for leaders and change-makers

A CEU course that meets Oregon supervision requirements for LCSWs offering clinical supervision.  If you’d like an email when registration opens, please let me know. I anticipate a work-trade slot for someone who is willing to assist with registration and social media promotion.

❤️  I offer customized workshops for community groups, programs and agencies. 


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