Did you know that fat was magic?

This is my current spell: I heal my body and remember, I am a child of earth and starry heaven. Telling my story sets me free.  Living in a fat body is like having the body of a Goddess, where most people can’t see my divinity. Imagine that. Being immersed in the sacred, but notContinue reading “Did you know that fat was magic?”

The witchery and neuroscience of body based trauma healing

My beloved friend and teacher Nicole sent me this recent NY Times article on EMDR.  I’m what you would call a true EMDR devotee (I like to say ‘I have gone down the rabbit hole of EMDR and am not planning on coming back’) and I read this article with the typical enthusiasm of myContinue reading “The witchery and neuroscience of body based trauma healing”

Liberation Rooted Supervision Group

I am inviting social workers into a supervision circle to learn and cultivate a felt sense of practicing social work that is rooted in collective liberation. Held by a clinician with over 20 years of practice experience in anti-oppressive, liberation-oriented practice, this supervision group will draw from the wisdom and practices of trauma healing, anti-racism,Continue reading “Liberation Rooted Supervision Group”

hope comes

Feeling this in my bones today, letting this reverberate in the cracks. folk magic from the Bengsons. hope comes from the place where the hurt comes. the part of you that is not alright. is also the part that loves the light.the part of you that is suffering, is the part that calls in change.Continue reading “hope comes”

Iron Pentacle – Remember Who You Are

“Who is this flower above me and what is the work of this god?I would know myself in all my parts.”-Feri Prayer What if even when your heart was breaking you re-membered that you are a witch? What if that re-membering became a hope, became a knowing, became a relationship, became a spell,  became aContinue reading “Iron Pentacle – Remember Who You Are”