My practice offerings include ❤️ resiliency coaching, ❤️ wellness-centered therapy, ❤️ trauma-aware movement and mindfulness coaching, ❤️ gender-affirming consults for transgender and gender awesome folks, ❤️ anti-racist mentorship & leadership coaching  for  white  folks  and ❤️ justice-centered clinical supervision for social workers. All of my offerings are rooted in trauma-aware, anti-oppressive practices. You can also visit my ❤️ upcoming events page, to learn more about upcoming workshops

I orient my practice with the awareness that I practice social work on colonized land, belonging to Indigenous communities and First Nations peoples. I recognize the continuous harm caused by structural racism and settler colonialism and support relational, reparative justice movements, the movement for black lives and white folks leveraging their unearned/unjust privileges to dismantle white supremacy and structural racism.

In the course of my work I make mistakes, learn from them and seek relationship repair where possible. I am committed to continuous learning and self-reflection so that I may continue to show up in ways that reflect the affirming, safe, just world I want to live in.