Liberation-Rooted Supervision & Consultation

We do our best work when we feel truly seen.

~anchored by horizon greene

My friend and teacher, Preston Vargas, once powerfully told me, “We have not decolonized yet. So in the work of decolonization we are doing the best we can with the support of our ancestors and our Gods to imagine and feel for that healed world and to bring it into being.” And this is how I hold the work of consultation: with the support of my ancestors, my longing (and willingness to work) for a decolonized world, my gift of reaching for that very real possibility of healing and breathing life into it. I have an intractable knowingness that our imagination, creativity and visionary souls guide us toward healing. That our bodies and hearts are strong enough to hold this and that we can, in turn, hold this with others.

I am a trauma worker, a somatic therapist and a culture builder. I mentor social workers, therapists and other healers in the deeply embodied, open-hearted work of somatic trauma healing. And by this I mean our birthright ability to heal our individual and collective traumas, griefs, ecosystems and futures. And by this I mean healing in ways that are rooted in love, that unlock what is possible.

Social Work Licensure Supervision
A note to licensure candidates (and others) working in community mental health, hospital systems and social service agencies. I believe those of us working within systems (including within a system of licensure) are harm reductionists.  I supervise and consult with folx who understand they are working within deeply racist, oppressive systems and institutions yet long to learn what a liberatory practice culture could look and feel like in their bodies and in their healing practice. As liberation-oriented social workers, we will consider our work within systems through the lens of harm reduction, feeling together for the pathways to healing, regeneration and collective wellness.

EMDR Consultation
Your EMDR Certification process is a journey of learning to practice open-heartedness, attunement and deep listening while working to reliably create the conditions of safety with your clients, all while cultivating a deep somatic understanding and intuitive practice of EMDR.

Consultation with me is anchored in the rooted wisdom of trauma healing, anti-racism, intersectional ecofeminism, queer and trans/affirming culture, fat and body positivity, neurodivergent affirmation, relational repair and collectivist culture. As a dedicated practitioner of the relational neurosciences, I support consultees in cultivating a sophisticated, embodied understanding of what polyvagal theory and interpersonal neurobiology continues to teach us about creating the conditions for safety in trauma processing–so that the artistry of your EMDR facilitation shines through your heart and practice.

Liberation-Rooted Affinity EMDR Group Consultation
I anchor EMDR affinity group consultations for trans, non-binary, queer & femme folx dedicated to liberatory healing. If you hold one or more of these beautiful identities & are interested in a affinity group consultation, reach out here.

About My Practice
I have spent more than 21 years in a deep study of how healing happens, learning to undo oppression while learning to co-create cultures of healing and wellness. I have been mentoring and supervising folx in anti-oppressive, liberatory healing modalities for more than 14 years. My training has included intensive learnings in somatics, trauma healing, anti-oppressive practices, anti-racism, liberatory culture building, ritual and witchcraft. My therapy practice is a blending of liberatory healing practices rooted in the relational neurosciences, somatic wisdom, parts work, ancestral healing, magic and love. I accompany people in the deep work of making real what our souls know is possible.

Justice-Centered LCSW/LICSW Supervision
Consultation for EMDR Certification
Liberatory Culture Building