Customized EMDR Intensives

Your Body Already Knows How To Heal. Let Me Help You Learn to Listen.

~offered by horizon greene

Maybe you’ve had a felt sense that something profound is possible but you’re not quite sure how to shift all the way into a new experience of yourself with your current therapist. Maybe you now cognitively understand new things, but your body is still confused so you’re curious how adjunct EMDR therapy can help.  Maybe you’ve done a ton of learning and healing work but have an unrelenting sense that more is possible. 

EMDR is a highly effective healing modality that helps us to sustainably metabolize past traumas and griefs instead of reliving them. Some people call this evidence based, I call it folk medicine–healing pathways that belong to you, are uncovered within the container of our relationship, that tap into your deep embodied knowingness of how to heal. EMDR works by catalyzing your body’s innate wisdom and deep capacity for healing and transformation. It is both magic and science.

IFS-Informed EMDR intensives are personalized treatment programs that allow you access to immediate support, catalyzing your body’s natural ability to process, metabolize, and regenerate. Together, we work to target, desensitize and metabolize the implicit echo of past experiences–feeling memories that pull us out of the present and drop us right back into the past. Bilateral movement, somatic wisdom and our human capacity for adaptive growth helps us to change and heal how we relate to those past lived experiences. This, in turn, changes how we show up in our lives, bodies and relationships. It helps us feel more well and whole.

Working intensively in this way allows you to receive a bunch of EMDR therapy at once to accelerate your progress. By providing relationally-focused EMDR along with advanced psychotherapy methods we partner to:

  • ~ Discover the origins of limiting beliefs in order to update old narratives about how you get to show up in the world, who you are, and what is possible
  • ~ Strengthen your access to internal resources, enhancing your adaptive capacity for change
  • ~ Honor and collaborate with your body’s protective system rather than fighting or overriding it so that you can feel more whole and free
  • ~ Alleviate anxiety, depression, and trauma symptoms through a positive, growth-oriented process grounded in the philosophy that everyone is seeking wholeness
  • Your Personalized IFS-Informed EMDR Intensive Includes: 
    • ~ A pre-intensive therapy session (90 minutes) to assess for candidacy, as well as target unpleasant beliefs, body sensations, emotions, memories or images from which you are seeking relief.

      ~ A customized treatment program (3 hour, half-day treatment blocks) with individualized, targeted treatment goals.

      ~ A post-intensive therapy session (90 minutes) to assess and support your adaptation to positive changes from treatment.

Half-Day Intensive (6 clinical hours): $2100
Two-Day Intensives (9 clinical hours): $3150