Resiliency Coaching

Resiliency coaching builds on the fundamental truth that our lived human experience is one of fullness and complexity. Over the course our lives we will all feel the vast range of human emotions: pain, joy, strife, hope, desire, grief, love, peace…and so much more. Through the exploration and expansion of our human inclination towards growth, we cultivate and enliven our capacity for resilience, incorporating radical acceptance to support the integration of our full emotional selves. Through this work, we learn, with clarity and integrity, how to honor and overcome the things that get in the way of our our joy and vibrancy.

This work is about co-created healing. With holistic wellness at the core, I draw from earth-centered healing modalities: presence-based conversation, meditation, mindfulness, body-positive movement, plant and stone medicine, yoga, breath, self-love and the many other diverse ways of inviting a life of wholehearted living and being.

Through transformation rooted in the expansiveness of your resilience, I offer a generative container, supporting you in becoming your best, brightest self. Our work is an invitation for you to step more solidly into yourself and your life.

$125/individual session