Gender-Affirming Consults

Person Honoring, Body Positive, Queer and Trans Wellness

I regularly support transgender and gender awesome folks who are seeking documentation for surgery and other support letters.

My values align with the Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health (ICATH) model of care, and I am well versed in the WPATH Standards of Care so that I can write effective letters that meet insurance requirements.

I celebrate the awesome spectrum of human diversity and am fiercely committed to creating a respectful and welcoming space for people of all genders, gender expressions, bodies, sizes, queernesses, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, ages, resources, spiritual traditions and backgrounds. I am fat and body-positive, dedicated to bringing more body/self love into the world. I am a fierce ally of the LGBTQI+ community, respectfully supporting folks who are in gender transition and/or who are otherwise fabulously gender nonconforming.

I accept some insurances (including OHP CareOregon). I believe access to affirming health care is a human right and have sliding scale and scholarship rates to increase accessibility.