Wellness Centered Therapy

Our human emotional systems have the capacity for great overwhelm, and each of our emotions–no matter how challenging–speaks to our lived human experience. Just as we have the capacity for great overwhelm, so too do we have the absolute capacity for great joy and radical transformation. This is one of the core offerings of therapy–to support you in resiliently overcoming any emotional overwhelm as you work to invite wellness and balance into your life; I am your active ally in this work.


I am grateful to have witnessed the brave process of many folks who are seeking their wellness path.  The more years I have spent as a social worker, the more inspired I am by our amazing ability to create change and transformation in our lives. I am committed to the work of personal and collective healing, and am someone who believes in–and practices–the many ways to support a life of wellness and balance.  I support folks who are seeking recovery in many different areas of their life, some of which include depression, anxiety, (personal, societal, cultural and intergenerational) trauma, PTSD, relationship with food, relationship with your body, identity claiming, gender transition, health concerns, grief, substance use, relationship needs, pattern changes, navigating extreme states and life transitions. I also welcome those who simply hold their change work as the intention of inviting wellness into their lives.

Trauma Resiliency

I am passionate about supporting folks in healing from past and continuing trauma. As our collective understanding of trauma deepens, we have come to understand that unresolved trauma lives in the body, frequently surfacing as anxiety, fear, heightened sensitivity, emotional overwhelm, body pain, panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares, periods of dissociation. When our ability to process trauma is interrupted, we interrupt the natural and miraculous healing our bodies and emotional systems are capable of. What is also remarkable is that this resilient capacity for healing is something we can always return to, no matter when our experience of trauma may have occurred or how debilitating the traumatic recurrences may be. As a trauma worker, I will actively support you as you seek your own healing path and together we will work to find the many ways to support your body in finding balance and recovery.

Addiction Resiliency

I am happy to support folks who want to change their relationship with substance use. I draw from person-centered, non-shaming, harm-reduction practice wisdom to support you in examining your self-care practices with clarity and compassion, creating more space and opportunity to show up exactly as you would like in your life and in the world.

Person Honoring, Body Positive, Queer and Trans* Wellness

I celebrate the awesome spectrum of human diversity and am fiercely committed to creating a respectful and welcoming space for people of all genders, gender expressions, bodies, sizes, queernesses, cultures, ethnicities, abilities, ages, resources, spiritual traditions and backgrounds. I am fat and body-positive, dedicated to bringing more body/self love into the world. I am a fierce ally of the LGBTQI community, respectfully supporting folks* who are in gender transition and/or who are otherwise fabulously gender nonconforming. I follow the Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health (ICATH) model of care, and am versed in the WPATH Standards of Care if your insurance or surgeon requires that. I believe quality health care is a right and offer some scholarship to folks who would otherwise not be able to access these services.

I happily support trans* and gender awesome folks who are seeking documentation for gender marker changes, surgery and other support letters. I sign DMV gender marker change forms at no cost (no session required!) and offer surgery letters at sliding scale and scholarship to folks who are uninsured or underinsured.

Commitment to Undoing Racial Oppression 

As a person with unearned white settler colonial privilege, I am committed to the work of undoing racial oppression. I am dedicated to the work of anti-oppression, anti-racism, checking my white privilege and dismantling white supremacy.

Black Lives Matter.

My Practice Framework

I am a lifetime student of how healing happens and I practice at the intersection of oppression and trauma. My theoretical framework is informed by somatic, holistic, ecofeminist, intersectional, justice-centered and anti-oppressive social work practice models. These models inform how I practice and understand change, though I am fundamentally committed to honoring your self-wisdom and intuitive expertise in your own healing process. My work helps folks increase fluency and comfort with all parts of themselves, supporting integration and healing of the body/mind/spirit/heart. I believe in (and practice) moving at the pace of the body. 

Water is Life.