Wellness-Centered Therapy & EMDR

Trauma-Informed, Body-Positive, Queer/Trans Affirming, Anti-Oppressive

I am a relational therapist and EMDR practitioner who supports folx with a lived experience of oppression and trauma to move through pain and discomfort, to heal brilliantly and unapologetically and to feel at home in their bodies.

I believe and practice that healing happens at the pace of the body, in relationship. I also believe, as adrienne maree brown says, that our pleasure is a measure of our liberation.

My healing style is somatic and some of my work looks like helping folx to breathe, to listen deeply to their whole selves and to develop more fluency with their hearts and bodies. I believe the best therapy will always invite your fullness into the room and that by working in the body and attuning toward our full selves we step into our healing.

My healing framework is explicitly trauma-informed, anti-racist, queer and trans-affirming, fat and body positive and anti-oppressive. I respectfully honor that I am practicing social work on colonized land belonging to Indigenous communities and First Nations peoples.

Healing and Liberation are your birthright. In our work together, I hold a generative container that welcomes and invites your healing, growth, liberation and transformation while supporting you in becoming your freest, brightest self. If in reading this you feel a curiosity, a hunger, a resonance, a “hell yes” or a “that can’t possibly be me,” send me an email.