Trauma-Aware Movement and Mindfulness Coaching

For many of us who are surviving interpersonal, historical and systemic trauma, the lack of safety we might feel can make being our bodies painful at times. In Trauma-Aware Movement and Mindfulness Coaching, there is room for all of you and you are welcome at your starting place. This work is anchored in consent, safety first and going at the pace of your body. As with all of my healing services, all bodies, lived experiences, identities and abilities are welcome.

Limited only by the boundaries of our imaginations, some of this work might look like:

  • grounding – practicing presence in our bodies
  • centering – coming back to center after stress, anxiety, anger, relapse, grief, pain
  • stretching – finding healthful ways to move our bodies
  • embodiment – following the paths to feeling alive and vibrant in our bodies
  • movement – crafting a movement practice that accessibly supports our whole selves
  • breathing – using the gift of breath to strengthen and re-set our nervous system
  • radical acceptance – radically accepting all parts of ourselves, exactly as we are
  • mindfulness – noticing and naming our truths, stories and needs
  • meditation – creating space and time for personal reflection and inner alchemy
  • connection – learning and doing what makes us feel healthy, alive, whole and vibrant
  • opening – listening to, and responding to, the wisdom of our hearts
  • activism – waking up our fabulous, queer, fat, trans, diverse, nonconforming, intersectional selves
  • healing – seeking the winding path of your personal healing journey
  • invoking – dreaming into being all the joyful ways we can feel alive, whole and well

The body is not an apology

$150/individual session