Liberation-Rooted Group Supervision


We are inviting social workers into a supervision circle to learn and cultivate a felt sense of practicing social work that is rooted in collective liberation. This group will be co-held by two long-time social workers and friends who draw from the wisdom and practices of trauma healing, anti-racism, intersectional (eco)feminism, queer and trans/affirming culture, fat and body positivity, neurodivergent affirmation, relational repair and collectivist culture.

Rooted in the magic and science of polyvagal theory and the relational neurosciences, we will co-create an exploratory container for relationship as the vehicle for healing. 

We ask that participants agree to a practice of open-heartedness, attunement and deep listening while holding the intention of collectively creating the conditions for safer space in the group. We will practice honoring the parts of us that love learning, while returning again and again to the somatic wisdom of our hearts and bodies, exploring our clinical practice from this attuned and embodied space.

  • Cost/Energy Exchange: $120 for the initial 90 minute group meeting. $80 for subsequent, 60 minute groups. This will be a 6 month offering.
  • Accessibility: If you feel moved by this offering and cost is a barrier, we welcome a conversation about fees. 
  • Location: Virtual. Hours may be applied toward SW licensure in OR & WA.
  • Dates & Times: 9/20/22-3/21/23. 9am-10:30am on 9/20. 9:00am-10:00am every other Tuesday through 3/21/23. 
  • Registration: Email expressing your interest. We will offer a brief screening call and ask for a $120 nonrefundable deposit to hold your space. Group will be capped at 5 participants. 
  • Facilitators: horizon greene, LICSW/LCSW and Sheila Walker, LCSW

Sheila (she/her) and horizon (she/her) met in their BSW program over 24 years ago and have been conspiring, collaborating, facilitating and dreaming together since that time. horizon identifies as a queer fat witchy femme and works somatically as an IFS-informed EMDR therapist, helping clients heal through a remembering of what is possible. Sheila is a queer, differently-abled elder who weaves polyvagal theory, spirituality, and IFS into her healing practice. We are students and practitioners of the relational neurosciences who work at the intersection of oppression, grief, trauma and liberation.

As white anti-racists we are committed to the work of unlearning whiteness while feeling for healing in our own bodies and cultivating relationships with our ancestors.  Our work is trauma informed, anti-racist, queer/trans affirming, fat/body positive while embracing the full spectrum of neurotypes, economic experiences and abilities. We believe and practice that healing happens at the pace of the body, in relationship.

liberation-rooted supervision for social workers