Past Offerings

❤️ Anti-Racist Mentorship and Leadership Coaching

❤️ Wholehearted Magick: Liberating Our Fierce Hearts

❤️ Hearth of the Water Healers: Ecosystems Magic

❤️ Rewilding Sorrow: the Healing Power of Grief

❤️ Social Work with an Activist Heart

❤️ Movement Building Activism: Love in Practice

❤️ Fat is the New Fabulous: Celebrating Ourselves, Taking up Right-Sized Space

❤️ Mindfulness-Based Practice: A Workshop in Presence for Change-Makers

❤️ The Heart of Holding Space: The Tools and Skills of Trauma Resiliency

❤️ Elements of Magic: Where Spirit and Justice Meet

❤️ Iron Pentacle: Reclaiming Our Fullest Selves

❤️ Pearl Pentacle: The Witches Gather

❤️ Tending the Community Temple: Elements of Community Magic

❤️ Rites of Passage: Dreaming at the Pace of the Earth